Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NTR Narthanasala - Ghantasala Padyalu

Narthanasala! WHAT A MOVIE! Music is great, acting is even better. It casts arguably the greatest Indian actor, NTR, and the great lady savithri. Doing roles like them are just so difficult, and this movie portrays the great Indian epic with utmost ease.

Songs are a great addition to this, salalitha raga sudharasa saram by DR. Balamuralikrishna standing out among other great ones. The amazing stanzas, the picturization and the whole screenplay are brilliant. Worth watching for anyone who understands Telugu, or even a bit of Hindi or Tamil will be enough.

NTR shows his versatility as Bruhannala. SV Ranga Rao excelled in such a negative role as Keechaka. Savitri looks her best and performs beyond compare.

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